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Watercolor on paper, 5 May 2007

"Solaris II"

Watercolor on paper, 5 May 2007

  No much can be said about the novel "Solaris" that has not been written already. Probably one of the best and most widely read SF stories of all times, it's still a subject of debate and study after more than 50 years since it was published in Warsaw by Stanislaw Lem. A rescue mission to a distant planetary system with two suns becomes a journey to the deep realms of the astronauts' own mind, their fears and wishes, ambitions and dreams. The planet Solaris would transform itself according to the events in the unconscious of the travelers and their mind states. As a huge mind mirror, the planet itself shows signs of a consciousness of its own. Still today it's fascinating novel, able to stimulate any lazy imagination.

  I tried here to pin down my impressions after reading the novel and watching two of the three movies based on the novel. A protoplasmatic ocean able to move and transform almost instantly, adopting forms difficult to describe even for the witnesses in the story.

  I enjoyed very much making these two pieces: lots of water and pigment moving over the surface, I could almost see the story developing right there on the paper.

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