sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

Rainbow Ready for Shipping

"Rainbow ready for shipping"

Watercolor on paper, 10 Jun 2006

 Practically anything in this world has a price, can be sold or bought if there are people willing enough. I made a short series where I tried to paint those things that we value most, and also tried to show ironically that actually not anything meaningful can be subject to commercial transaction. This paint shows a rainbow cut up, packed and ready to be shipped to a buyer.

 Money is in our minds. It does exist because we believe in it. We need it. But we shouldn't be possessed by it to the extent to let it live our lives for us.

 As most of my paintings, this one was made without previous sketching. Minimalism is also a goal in my work - Here I made only 18 brush strokes: one per rainbow color and two for each side of the cage.

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