martes, 1 de enero de 2013

Life's cycle

"Life's cycle"
Watercolor on paper, 1 Jun 2007

  The loss of forest areas to natural causes should not be a main concern in principle, as it is part of the life cycle. Some plants even need the action of fire to spread their seeds, and soils are renewed and fertilized with the ashes of the older elements. However, man-made, systematic destruction of wild forests can create unbalances beyond a point of no return, changing climates, rain seasons, etc. The fact that we don't know where that point is should be convincing enough to discourage such activities.

  I wanted here to reflect a life cycle where new plants grow literally on the ashes of the old burnt ones. Another side thought is that our selves are not outside of these cycles. Like it or not, we are part of Nature, a simple fact that we humans tend to forget.

  The transition from one color to another is a technique that I have tried in many works- Here the burnt forest on the left is connected with the growing green trees on the right through the yellow fire, while brown ground supports the whole drama at the base.

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