lunes, 14 de enero de 2013

Keep me in mind

"Keep me in mind"
 Washed ink, watercolor and pen on paper, 5 Oct 1976

  This is one of those paintings in which the conscious mind is switched off sometime during the process and you just keep painting while hardly seeing what you're doing... I remember that I was listening "Keep me in mind", a song by Loggins & Messina that I really liked in those days. Probably the fact that I had met a really nice girl that day had something to do with it...

  The paintings from early days are not the best artworks in the world, as I was experimenting and learning from my own mistakes. I hoped becoming an illustrator or some kind of professional in graphics, but actually my ways went almost in the opposite direction (computers) which seemed more promising monetary wise. I keep painting today for pleasure, mostly abstract, still avoiding to copy from the real world if I can help it.

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