jueves, 3 de enero de 2013

Fluid beings

"Fluid beings"
Watercolor on paper, 5 Jul. 2004

"Baby mermaids"
Watercolor on paper, 5 Jul. 2004

  After "Fluid world", the next step would be to find out how its resident fluid beings would be. Naturally, they should be able to move well through their world, therefore I chose some aerodynamic wing profiles and tried to turn them into life. The result were a couple of fluid beings, one bigger than the other (male and female, in any order). The second image is for the babies, which I called "Baby mermaids". Again male and female (I think the baby girl is the yellow one). I show them here playing, trying to catch each other's tail. They form a Yinn and Yang taoist symbol, probably unaware.

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