miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013


Crayola, watercolor and ballpen, 14 March 2004

  Alhambra is the city/palace/castle where the last of the Spanish Moorish kings lived until 1492, when he surrendered it to the Catholic Kings Fernando and Isabel. That very same year Columbus discovered America on a trip sponsored by the only court in Europe that believed in his vision, these same Catholic Kings. 

  I wanted to symbolize here the transition from Middle Ages into Modern Age, from the Ancient World to a New World, like bubbles of light and time flowing and drifting away, while the Alhambra enjoys a beautiful sunset.

  This little painting is the initial work of my second active period, since I had only made but a few things since 1980. In a sense, this Alhambra symbolizes also the beginning of a new creative cycle.

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