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Fluid World

"Fluid World"
Watercolor on paper, 4 Jul. 2004

  Fluid society and fluid world have become lately quite common concepts. The Polish philosopher and sociologist Zygmunt Bauman (Poznan, 1925), who has published more than 60 books since 1957, is the author behind these concepts. He published in 1999 Liquid Modernity and more recently Liquid love, Liquid, life, Liquid fear and Liquid times, among other works. On them he defines the present post-modern times as a fluid society where people acquire a flexible and versatile identity in order to succeed through the changes they face in their lives.

  In 2004 I was working on flowing forms, aerodynamic profiles, wood grains and other similar shapes. One of the results was this "Fluid World", where I tried to portray a non solid planet, transparent, and yet with continents and oceans. When I heard about the fluid society a few years later, I smiled and thought "They have made it for real!" This image became my picture in Facebook at the start- I guess it defined very well how fluid I have become myself...

  I rendered the blue contour with a very thin brush, no previous sketch.  Then I played with water and color, leaving some dry areas for the highlights. If it looks nice now, the making was just wonderful.

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