jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

Self-confident cell

"Self-confident cell"

Watercolor on paper, 7 Feb. 2007

  Some Art forums are debating whether or not Art can change the world. There is reasoning for both. Art is an indication of what is going on in society. Nevertheless, some artists are able to foresee what lays ahead. And in a very few occasions, master pieces ("Aida" or "Guernika", for instance) can really have an influence on people, reinforcing some principles or incipient ideas (nationalism, movements against war, etc) that will shape the world in the long run. Art changes the future world since its influence grows with the passing of time (Michel Angelo, Bach, Beethoven, Van Gogh), as it allow us to see where are we coming from. Pre-historic cavern artists draw today as much interest as contemporary artists do, if not more.  

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