sábado, 9 de noviembre de 2013

Inner Worlds II

"Inner Worlds II"

Watercolor on paper, 29 March 2013

  There's 33 years between Inner Worlds and Inner Worlds II. What has changed? Those worlds that were not born yet in 1980 now they are flowing up, fully free and colourful. They have become one as a group but still diverse, instead of being lonely entities tied together. That's how feel now about myself and my fellow living beings, human and not human (for instance, my cats)

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1 comentario:

  1. I just wanted to share this blog entry as an answer to the permanent FB enquire "Whats in your mind?"- That is a question that we should make ourselves from time to time.

    I feel now very much like this painting; probably I will print an enlarged quality copy in canvas and hang it in my living room...

    I wish a happy day to all!