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Far Beyond Myself

"Far Beyond Myself"

Washed ink on paper, 7 July 1977

    Our mind works on expectations. We go to work because we expect to be paid for it. We go to cinema because we expect to have some fun and entertainment. We wish to marry because we expect a better life full of good experiences. We don't actually know the outcome of our actions, but we are confident that our expectations will be fulfilled if we do the right things at the right time, generally with the life of others as a model. Uncertainty is our constant companion, we cannot know anything for sure becasue our mind is not prepared to compute absolute truth- Even if we had it in front of us we would doubt it. We just trust that the information we have is true enough.

   Is that all? May be not. Although we don't know many things about this world and this Universe, the tendency is to ample our knowledge by constant discoveries and revelations. Science is full of wonderful findings that didn't come from pure deduction and analysis, not talking about music and other arts. Certainly those discoveries and masterpieces took place while dedicated people were at work, but still there are unknown factors involving those achievements.

  Constant revelation is at reach for all of us. We are too busy to feel it, as we move mostly in a Beta-wave state of mind. We tend to move away from the relaxing Alpha-wave states, seen today as unproductive, lazy moods. Just a step between awake and asleep. Pity.

  That said, now comes a message for those who are interested in revelations while relaxed and even unconscious states: Life is a continuous state of mind. Death is just a change of vehicle. Actually the expression "Life after death" is an oximoron, as Life has no end.  The body has a due date, as our car or our shaver. But we don't. Our conscience is permanent, indestructible, as Life itself.

 For those who are interested in this all-important topic, please check this book:

  This is the point of view of an scientist on his own "After death" experience. As there's no way to prove this story, or any other thing by the way, you will need to trust your instinct and receive your particular revelation and testimony of it.

  It takes a lot of faith to believe in nothing, more than believe in something :) (This one is mine) 
Be happy.

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