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Acts of God

 "The Flood"

Watercolor on paper, 27 Oct 2005

  There's four kinds of people who believe in God: 

  To the first belong those who thank God for the blessings they received, and pray that evil may not reach them.

  The second kind groups those who blame God for not receiving the same blessings that others have received, and for all the evil that has reached them.

  The third kind is formed by those who say they don't believe in God, to avoid any responsibility with themselves and with their fellow beings. Their blessings, they think, are the consequence of their own efforts, not so their evils.

  In the fourth group are those who do not officially believe in God, but recognize the need of His existence to complete deep scientific theories, or just administrative work. Insurance companies, for instance, define natural disasters like tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, falling meteorites, etc., as "Acts of God". As mountains, rivers and lightning, those are the consequence of deterministic laws that cannot be changed, not even by God. They don't have a purpose or a meaning, except for those who belong to the second and third groups.

"Puerto Principe"
(After the earthquake that destroyed Haiti)

Watercolor on paper, 19 Jan. 2010

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