sábado, 23 de noviembre de 2013

Homo homini lupus

"Wolf and sheep"

Watercolor on paper, 3 May 2004

  In his work Asinaria greek writer Plauto (ca. 200 bc) described man as "a wolf for man". English philosopher Thomas Hobbes used this concept to illustrate the need for a "social contract" among men to get over the animal, natural tendency to survive that moves individuals to behave as wolves for their fellow beings, moved by their fear to fail to survive, or perhaps other real or unreal needs.

  Among the many social classifications that we humans are fond to make, there is one that does not appear in the statistics: How many of us, how often and when do we behave as wolves and when as sheep. Not even each one of us could make that study for himself. Just keep in mind, though, before you act, what skin are you wearing. You will be surprised.


Watercolor on paper, 24 June 2004

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