domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

The pulse of Gaia

"The pulse of Gaia"
Acrylic, washed ink and pen on paper, 27 Dec. 1977


"The pulse of Gaia"
Computer vectorial design, ca. 1995

  The planet as a living entity was popularized by J. E. Lovelock in 1979 in his book "Gaia, a new look at life on Earth". At that time though there was a widely spread belief in Mother Earth having a soul and being connected with all living beings dwelling on it. Many ancient cultures had that belief in fact, and the young generations in the 60's and 70's moved near these ancient myths looking for new values to adhere on.

  Synchronicity works in mysterious ways. The idea of our planet as a living body was present in my mind since early 70's, so I wanted to express that extraordinary concept in the first sketch above. Mountains are correlated with the heart-beat pulses below them, while the omni-present sun gives its energy to the whole. The title was decided before Lovelock's book edition.

  Twenty years later I made a computer-aid version (second image), as part of a computer-designed book that will be shown in this blog later on.

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