viernes, 28 de diciembre de 2012

Points of view

"Points of view"

Watercolor on paper, August 2010

 Sure you've experienced someone talking to you about a subject, and then you discovered that it really was not quite how he or she described it. I tried to express that in this painting, where we can't get a correct perception if we look only through someone else's "colors"... As with any important document, we should try to obtain the original, not just settle for the transmitted copy.

 Suns of all sizes and colors are constant in my works; They are special elements that give energy, meaning and reference. Of course, it can also be interpreted in different ways: For some is the idea of God, while others just see themselves. Art can be then a fascinating mirror where people can see what's inside of their own mind.

 A difficult effect to achieve, the transparency without destroying the lower color layers and get it all messed up. 

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