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Knowledge blind

"Knowledge blind

Ink, watercolor and pen on paper, 21 Nov. 1977

"No non-sense world

Ink and pen on paper, 23 Nov. 1977

  Back in 1977 the world was a quite different place: No computers, no internet, no mobiles, no cheap flights. Not even fax or video tapes. The most modern piece of technology you had access to was a simple TI pocket calculator for 15$. Music was on vinyl and cassette. Friends were those just in the neighborghood... The perspective of nuclear war was still a main concern to everyone, while the promised revolution of the 60's was only a fading mode. At 21, the future seemed quite gloomy to many of us young people in Spain: Political transition to democracy was still a project, inflation was rampant at 30% and employment opportunities down to none, as uncertainity made investments go somewhere else. I just had to put those feelings down on paper.

  I used normal fountain pen, writing ink, a brush and water - no ruler. That was all I needed (I didn't have much more: just a watercolor box lend by a friend).

  "Knowledge blind" refers to the modern civilization, symbolized by houses on top of a cliff. A cubist, absurd perspective, no windows outside, near a dangerous and risky edge. TV antennas are the only means to communicate. A nuclear sun oversees all, while clouds sit quite indifferently in their own dimension.

  "No Non-sense world" is an expression that shocked me when I read it the first time. Double negation to affirm something was quite a discovery. However, to me the world was more non-sense than otherwise. I wanted here to reflect the ideal world sought after by unchecked rational intelligence, where the uncertainity of life and emotion has been wiped out. Sun is dark and cold, there's no need for a warm and bright sun where there's no life to take care of. Again a cubist-like perception was quite adequate to express what I wanted. 

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