martes, 10 de diciembre de 2013

Self choice

  It's my intelligence really me, or is it just an instrument that I use?

  Let's consider the two circles above: The one in the left contains eight bars, four stars and an small circle, randomly distributed. The one in the right contains the same objects in a geometric simetry. Please watch freely the two images until you feel that you really know everything about them.

............    ...........   .......    ....   ..........     .........

   Now that these two images are familiar to you, please answer these 3 questions (there is no right or wrong answers): 

1) Which image represents me best? 
2) What image I like the most? 
3) What image is me?

There is two possible answer combinations:

1) You answered equally the same questions. In this case, if you answered three times "left figure", your self is centered more in biological aspects and emotions; Right-brain activities are most important. Intelligence is an instrument that I use.

 If you chose three times the "right figure", you are more prone to left-brain activities, logical thinking is above any other consideration. I am my intelligence.

2) You answered 2-1, either two left and one right, or viceversa. In both cases you are close to a healthy balance between both brain hemispheres. You are prone to reconcile means and objectives, and therefore you have more probabilities to reach success in what you do.

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