domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

Melting pot

"Melting pot"

Watercolor on paper, 26 May 2004

  We tend to think that populations of the world have been, and still are, unique in their genetic origins. Studies show that the whole world (not just certain territories) is actually a huge melting pot where thousands of generations have moved, settled, and again moved looking for new lands to settle. These two charts show how mingled we are, attending to the distribution of the different halogroups in our genes:

  The first map shows the situation about 1500 AC, when the main colonization journeys from Europe had not yet begun. The second map shows how the population is distributed throughout Europe according to their genetic origin by the end of the 20th century.

  It's interesting to see, for instance, that the proportion of people with Celtic-Basque-Frison-Italic- Saxon genes in Spain is very high, being only higher in Wales and Ireland. Austria, Serbia, Turkey and Chezc Republic are probably the countries with the highest gene diversity. Iceland, in the other hand, has the lowest diversity, as you could expect; Nevertheless, still there are three main halogroups quite evenly distributed among the Icelandic population: Celtic, Slavic and Germanic.

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