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Watercolor on paper, 4 July 2004

  Different medical studies have concluded that absolute life span expectative for man is 120 years. Interesting enough, this bold scientific statement was already found in ancient Hebrew scripts, as we can read in Genesis 6:3. This "coincidence" brought me to think that perhaps there were other paragraphs in ancient Hebrew writings that could contain facts that Science has not yet confirmed.

  Most of the scarce systematic and statistical information found in old Hebraic writings is related with genealogy. Specifically the list of Adam's descendants found in chapter 5 of Genesis is a good example of detailed systematic notes, which transmit a sense of importance rarely found in other verses. 

I decided to chart the figures.

  The green sections show the reported lifespan for each individual. Starting with Adam, the series is coherent with an early period described in Genesis as of peaceful progress, followed by a period of constant decline of social and spiritual conditions just before and after the time of the Flood (red line). 

  The figures show something interesting: After the Flood man's life span reduced gradually to become 120 years, while before the Flood the life expectancy seemed to be a quite regular 900-year figure for almost 2,000 years. The age in which they generated their siblings seems also affected.

  Besides other connotations, it seems to be a relationship between the development of cultural societies and the decline of life expectancy, at least in a rare self-aware lineage that realized this connection and left a clear message for future generations: "Beware of your mind".

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