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The way we are


Markers, pen and washed ink on paper, 26 Sept. 1977

  Why we think the way we think? Where do thoughts originate?

Basically concepts derivate from sensorial perceptions combined with language and other cultural learnings. Through time, concepts tend to combine and ellaborate complex cultures that condition decisively the way we think. 

Please check the image above. If you guys try to describe it to another person, some of you will say that it's a landscape seen through a net or wall of undescribable nature. Others, however, will describe it as a mosaic of coloured pieces laid on a floor. Who is right? Hmmm.... 

 Now consider that we are talking about more abstract issues, like the nature of the soul, spirituality, or mystic experiences. Even though those experiences can be (and most probably are) very similar in essence, the way those experiences are shared with other people will vary tremendously, depending of how they were percieved by each individual...

Is it worth to fight a war because some perceived a mosaic, and others a network? Surely you can answer to yourself.

"Mosaic" has been one of my few paintings that "hit" the canvas. The original above is just 9 x 9 cm, the version below is 60 x 60 cm. I still like more the one I made 36 years ago.


Acrylic on canvas, June 2012

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