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Acrylics on paper, 9 Feb 1978

  What reality is, has been, and still is, a long debate. Is out there an objective reality independent of our consciousness? That's what the common sense dictates. However, quantum physics establishes that consciousness and material world are closely entangled.

 This image shows a completely unreal green sky with yellow clouds, red ground and yellow-blue sands. A mysterious structure appears in the horizon, reflecting in the overheated ground. However, even though is nothing we've seen before, we accept it to some extent as a possible reality. Our mind can accept rare percepetions of reality, as far as they have internal consistency. It happens everytime we watch a movie, which is just lights projected on a wall.

 Acrylics can be diluted on water, and therefore behave pretty much as watercolors do, although they are thicker and less transparent. Thus, both watercolor and oil effects can be made at the same time.

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